Be yourself! Be authentic! Be who you are! These are familiar messages to us in our time. What do those words mean to you and what gets in your way of you expressing the full, fantastic, interesting being that you are? For me being myself is allowing my thoughts, feelings, ideas, humor, and dreams to flow out into the world with choice and ease, to share the inner song that is asking to be sung. Also, softening into the quieter part of my nature, into the inner space that soothes the weary traveler back to life after her journeys. As I grow, more and more of my choices and voices align with how I desire to be. Being our authentic selves is a practice. In my practice I notice when I am holding, hiding or pushing and when I am allowing, opening and flowing. I work with the factors and energies that are influencing how I am behaving and feeling to support the process of breathing my true self into the world. Most of us have layers of anxiety and fear that hold us back from living into our fullness, but our light and freedom of being is strong and here to support us. I encourage you to dance your dance in the way you envision, and keep bringing your unique, interesting self into the world. legged cat stretch