Committed to Ahimsa

By Liziah (2013)

In the Yoga world Ahimsa is the guiding principle of non-harming. As a long time studier of yoga and thoughts and things spiritual I know the challenge of living the message of the sage off the page. What helps us live and practice the wisdom we learn and know? 

My relationship with Ahimsa is a practice, a practice of strengthening my ability to love and be WingedHeartloved, to be kind and receive kindness. Sometimes my relationship with Ahimsa is more functional then others, but I am committed to it. I am committed to increasing the love, patience and compassion I have for myself and others.

How do I do this? I regularly challenge myself to open my heart to the love that exists within me, the universe and others.  When I feel myself contracting or fearful, being critical or spending too much time with negative thinking, I practice softening into a space that expands my experience and brings me into deeper understanding of myself and others. I increase the space and access the love. I can then allow more than just my struggle to be my experience and can care for myself within it. I can create the boundaries that support my wellness.  Can I always do this? Is it easy? No. But with practice I get better at it.

When I am taking a trip down the road of not good enough, with my luggage packed with loss and limitations and when I’m wearing the fabrics of fear designed by Youarenotfree, it is a challenge for me to remember how to be compassionate, loving and patient.   But I find like the physical muscles in the body, Ahimsa gets stronger with practice.  Being committed to non-harming I am supported not only to return to a place of peace and love when I am constricted or in pain but also to receive the medicine from the more challenging spaces I may find myself in.  With a light in the cave I can see what messages may be on the walls, what creatures are there to befriend or battle and how to find the exit when I am done. 

Deepening  our relationship with this light of non-harming helps illuminate the world. I am deeply saddened when I think of all the homes and places in the world that are unsafe, and yet I believe if we practice non- harming and accessing the power of our own light, we heal our hearts, and that somehow that helps people stuck even in the darkest caves find their light and their way out.  “…as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liMan arms up caveberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” (Marianne Williamson).