Hello fellow earth travelers! 

         I command you, oh OK,  encourage you to strengthen the relationship with the core of your body.  The core of the body is an important area to pay attention to. When our core muscles arCore Side imagee strong, they support our back health and full body stability and balance. The back muscles have help from the core muscles in supporting us and they appreciate it! With the core and back muscles strong,  the joints in the pelvic area and spine do not have to work as hard and will not get as stressed and worn out thus creating less problems and pain in our structure. “Don’t make us work to hard, we’re joints, we can wear out, we need your super duper core muscles to support us. Come on show us what you got!”

The core is also a powerful emotional center. Did you know the stomach is like a second brain?! There are over one hundred million neurons in the gut that not only support digestion but also influence and respond to stress and emotional states. You know that “gut feeling”, it’s because our gut is really feeling!  “Of course I am, deeply! Keep me strong, feed me well and connect to my sensitivity and power!” emotions in dress





The core area is also the home to the solar plexus chakra, Manipura. This chManipura Chakraakra when functioning well provides us energy, personal power, confidence and free expression. Who doesn’t want that! 

Here are two exercises you can do to support Core Health:

1. For Physical Strength: Pull the belly in when you exhale, release it when you inhale. Repeat several times. You can do this anywhere!

2. For Emotional Support: Put your hands on your belly and say an affirmation that speaks to you such as, “I am strong and centered,”I am powerful and capable,” “I am safe and loved, I have the strength to feel my feelings.”