Counseling and Yoga Instruction for Emotional Health and Holistic Living.

    • ♦ Is anxiety and insecurity  disrupting the quality of your life and challenging your ability to unfold your innate potential?

    • ♦ Do you or your intimate relationships need help transforming distressing patterns of communication and connection and need support learning to relate with greater compassion and understanding?

    • ♦ Are you interested in how your early attachment patterns with your caregivers are influencing your relationships now?

    • ♦ Would you like to explore a holistic approach to healing and supporting your heart, body and mind?

    • ♦ Are you ready to join a soulful, breath based, body friendly yoga class?

  • Bring Healing and Support to Your Life and Relationships     

    •  I provide mental health therapy, yoga instruction and spiritual insight to support you and your loved ones to live emotionally well and compassionately connected. I primarily treat anxiety disorders, relationship challenges, attachment wounds and personality disorders. I am skilled at working with families and couples and have a strong ability to hold space and see clearly into multiple members experiences and needs.  I blend traditional mental health therapies with yoga and meditation.  In addition to my therapy practice I teach all levels, supportive, body friendly, breath based yoga classes.

  • Explore my website to learn how I can support you on your path of healing and well-being. I look forward to being your ally.

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