Counseling  Services

Counseling Services: Becoming Emotionally Healthy One Choice at a time.

Emotional Health is a critical part of our well-being. I define being emotionally healthy as having a mindful relationship with our emotions and connecting with them in a way that inspires choices that lead to more connection, compassion, truth and love.
Many of us have blocks, wounds and patterns of thinking and behaving that challenge our ability to live consistently in an emotionally healthy way.  It may bring you comfort to know that our emotional health challenges and wounds can actually be gateways to living the version of ourselves and lives we desire. When we work with our challenges with compassion and are open to the insight they hold, our challenges can provide powerful support in our personal transformation. We need courage, compassion and self-awareness to change.
I can offer you and your family support with learning to live with the challenges you face with more ease, empowerment and compassion.  On my own journey I am learning to heal the wounds that have limited my own potential, to love myself deeply, to live my truth and cultivate healthy relationships.
I look forward to supporting you on your journey of healing and growth.  You can do it. I can help.
My therapeutic orientations includes traditional counseling methods in conjunction with the Yoga tools such as movement, meditation, breath work, and visualization.
I work with individuals, couples and families. 
My areas of specialization include:

Anxiety Disorders

Health Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

 Attachment Wounding

Bring compassion and awareness to early attachment wounding and understand how your early relationships are impacting your relationship with yourself and others now. Learn your attachment style and how to support yourself to have healthy, loving relationships.


Dysthymia (chronic long term low mode),  Bi Polar Disorder, Situational Depression due to loss of a loved one, or relationship break up

Relationship Challenges

I am skillful at navigating challenging relationship waters and helping couples and families find bridges of connection, understanding and develop more compassion for themselves and each other.

Fertility Struggles

Having been through the challenges of fertility struggles myself I am skilled and knowledgable helping people manage the ups and downs on the fertility path and support them to take care of themselves on the path to creating a family.

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