I love you.
I support you.
I teach you that you are enough.
I remind you that don’t have to exaggerate your successes or failures to be worthy and attended to.
I bring your fear and insecurities out of the shadows for you to work with, to care about and to heal.
I celebrate your talent, your deep compassion and commitment to living well and your return to this commitment when you stray.
I appreciate your devotion to the hurting hearts of this world.
I rejoice that your intimate relationships no longer diminish your spirit and inspire you to question your ability to be loved.
I have taught you that to numb yourself is robbing you of living in your fullness,
for your sadness, grief and anger need me.
I love you in your imperfection and perfection.
I do not judge you but I challenge you to keep on a path that honors your heart, to be honest in your expression and wise in your choices.
Thank you for letting me grow and evolve and get stronger and stronger within you.
Keep it up.
Yours Truly,
Self Love.