Come little one, into the light
I can’t, I can’t, I’m just not right! When I’m smarter, richer, cooler and 5, no 10 pounds lighter, I’ll be there and a whole lot righter!
Come little one, I love you so
I won’t, I won’t, I can not go!
My failure and fears, they wont be fixed for years—
I know you don’t want to wait for me!
Oh little one, I’ll be right here
Today, tomorrow through all the years
Why! Why do you stay? Aren’t I supposed to just go away?
Oh little one, you teach me to be kind
I do? I teach, with this messed up mind?
Little one, little one you belong
Sit with me-I’ll sing you a song-
A song, I love songs, I’ll be right there!
Let me put on my socks and brush my hair—