Grief was walking on an open road, her shoes were ripping, her toes poked through the holes in her socks. Her feet were blistered, some she could feel and some she could not. She lost her sweater but wasn’t sure if she even needed it anymore.Her purse had gone somewhere with her thirst and hunger.

She walked and walked.

The songs of the birds tried to call her smile into form but she had swallowed her smile, not something she had planned to digest. She walked for hours, hours into days.

Cars, creatures and other travelers passed her. Did she talk to them, see them, did they see her?

Then one hour or day, or some moment in time Compassion was walking on the road. Compassion saw Grief. Her eyes started to tear and her heart began to expand as she walked up to Grief.

Compassion held out her hand: “Come let us walk together. Not too far from here, I have tea and an extra pair of socks. It doesn’t look like we wear the same shoe size so can’t help you there but the socks are a start.

Grief, I feel this this pain in your heart. I am sorry for your hurting. I offer you my support, my devotion to your hearting heart.”

Grief looked into Compassion’s eyes, she felt the memory of her swallowed smile return for a moment as she accepted Compassion’s hand.  They walked silently together towards healing. 

Woman on Road