I have a long painful history with parking tickets. When I turned 40 on the top of my new decade list was no more parking tickets! I got several each year until then.

I knew I needed to let this parking ticket pattern go and being a mature woman now I knew I had what it took to be successful. 20 years of this was enough!

In my 40th year I got no tickets. 41, sadly, a couple and this year none until tonight!

As I walked up to my car I saw a ticket. I was in a 2 hour zone but literally only a few minutes over 2 hours. I promise!

What do you want from me Universe I shouted, perfection?!? Tight chest, grumbling vocal chords, some deep breaths and then oh wells.

I opened up the ticket. It was a fricking joke! It was a ticket for a free slice of pizza as a parking ticket in disguise. Laughter and lessons of how things can be different then originally perceived came flowing through. Lessons about seeing deeply through looking, to lighten up and be delighted, to trust what has changed and keep paying attention.

Pizza party anyone??