Do you find it a challenge to stay off your phone when you have down time or are waiting for someone? Woman on Phone in Restaurant

Tonight when I was at a restaurant waiting for a friend for dinner, my phone was keeping me company until I pushed it to the other side of the table, my purse felt, well too far way. I decided to engage outward into my environment. I began looking around the restaurant and found my eyes lingering back to my sedentary phone with a desire to get back on it. Now, I am not a face always in my phone type of girl so my resistance to leaving my phone alone was curios. And curiosity I like!

I decided to keep my focus in the room. I noticed the big strange triangular skylight adjacent to me that I could see no sky out of, the cool fluorescent looking wave painting, the couple two seats down which I started to make up stories about; maybe they were on their 4th date? The woman eating alone strangely drinking red wine with Thai Food, was she on a trip to Seattle, was she happy, was she sad, was she an artist, a paraglider, a chef, something creative and risk taking for sure! I appreciated  the waiters similarly styled haircuts, my medium hot lemonish tea  I was sipping out of a  miniature cup that would have been way to small for the big Alice, the pleasing ambient lighting, my body relaxing in the booth, the feeling of joy in anticipation of my friend arriving and bean thread noodles. I felt more and more fulfilled and alive in the space and was happy to have no techno distracto. Yes, I like, maybe love my phone, but I don’t want to miss the real life movie playing around (or within) me. Do you feel balanced in your relationship with your devices and being present in the outer world?People using cell phones   Original Filename: people cell phones.jpg